eric250.jpgEric Arnold is a Former Enforcement Agent with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Since May, 2003, he has been running Arnold Safety Consulting, which specializes in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, and their applicability to motor carriers of all shapes and sizes.  He also is well-versed in the Hazardous Materials Regulations as well.

He served as Enforcement Program Manager, 1999 – 2003, Baltimore, MD
Eric ran the Enforcement office for the Eastern region of the FMCSA. He directed the negotiation and settlement of agency fines, as well as helped write the policies and procedures which govern the actions of the field personnel. He qualified as an expert in the regulations, and conducted training of agency personnel throughout the country.

While Transportation Specialist, Federal Programs Office, 1996 – 1999, in Washington, DC, Eric Arnold designed the very first Safestat list. As many of you are well aware, the Safestat list today is what the agency uses to rank carriers in terms of who is the worst. It is rapidly becoming more important to shippers and insurance carriers than the safety rating. In addition to Safestat, Eric was part of a very small group that created the agency’s Uniform Fine Assessment program, which is used in nearly every fine the agency makes. There may be three or four people in the country that totally understand this complex formula, and Mr. Arnold is one of them. Also, he became familiar with the workings of the agency, how it issues rulemakings, how it assesses fines, and how its procedures are created.

Eric Also served as:

Safety Investigator, 1993 – 1996, Lakeland, Florida
Safety Investigator, 1992 – 1993, New York City, NY
Safety Investigator, 1990 – 1992, Jefferson City, MO

As an investigator in three different regions of the country, Eric got to see all types of motor carriers and businesses. He saw carriers who were successful in running their safety departments, and saw ones who weren’t, and the mistakes they made, with respect to compliance, as well as accident experience. He established contacts throughout the agency and safety consulting business.

Eric Arnold graduated with Honors from The Ohio State University (home of the 2002 National Champion Buckeyes!) with majors in History and Political Science.

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