Arnold Safety Consulting is Still In Business

It’s been over 3 months since I’ve posted anything here. Basically, over the past 2 months, I haven’t had time to breathe. I finally have surfed to the top of my giant pile of work. It’s not done, but at least I am now on top of it.

What’s new? They are still on track for mandatory electronic logs by December, 2017. Their audits are worse than ever. Your CSA scores are critical, absolutely critical, to keeping DOT away. Make sure your drivers have a bluetooth device. Make sure they are always wearing their seatbelts. Stay in their ear about keeping their speed down, and otherwise obeying the traffic laws. The police love to pull trucks over. Don’t give them an excuse. Make sure your drivers know that any… ANY write-up by a DOT officer is very, very damaging not only to the driver, but you the company.

Many drivers believe that it’s all cool because the police officer just wrote him a warning, and he doesn’t have to pay a fine, or go to court. No. No. Nononononono. That ‘warning’ generates CSA points for the carrier. Those points lead to audits, which are rapidly becoming impassible. Fail a DOT audit, and it can potentially cost you tens of thousands of dollars, all stemming from that ‘warning’. As for the driver, those ‘warnings’ all go on your CSA record. Many motor carriers are now pulling a driver’s CSA record prior to hiring them. If you have ‘warnings’, whether it be for logs, speeding, or whatever, all over your CSA record, you’re not getting hired, at least not for the job you want.

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