Chris Christie and Bridge-Gate

XXXXX 2 MCNISHI said I would keep the blog current by mixing in some non-DOT compliance posts, so here is one of those. Here are my thoughts on the Chris Christie Bridge-gate.

This is the summary, for those of you who don’t follow current events. Chris Christie is the governor of New Jersey. He is going to run for President in 2016, although it is uncertain on which ticket he will run. He is a Republican, but he is believes in amnesty, gun confiscation, global warming, and Big Government. He could very well run for President as a Democrat, or an Independent.

Christie was re-elected governor last year in a landslide. Christie sought out numerous endorsements from Democrats, as he wanted to burnish his credentials as a politician beloved by both Democrats and Republicans, thereby increasing his chances of becoming President.

Fort Lee, New Jersey, is a small town in northern New Jersey, which includes the western edge of the George Washington Bridge. The GWB is one of the largest bridges in the world, and leads into New York City. It is very heavily traveled. Most Fort Lee citizens depend on the GWB to get to work or school in New York City.

Christie sough the endorsement of Fort Lee’s Mayor for governor, one Mark Sokolich. The Mayor declined. He is a Democrat, after all. In September, after the Mayor turned down the Governor, Christie’s aides closed numerous traffic lanes leading onto the bridge. Emails have surfaced showing this was done as retribution for the Mayor’s refusal to endorse Christie. The result was huge traffic jams, lasting 3 and 4 hours. For those of you who have never been to the East Coast, if conditions are right, hours-long traffic jams are the norm, and they will make you want to kick the dog whenever you finally escape them.

The Governor, of course, laughed this all off, and denied it was retribution. Emails have now surfaced proving it was exactly that. Christie has now fired the aides involved in this matter, and claimed no knowledge of these matters, whatsoever, and he is so very sorry.

This matter is disgusting. However, not surprising. This is our government in 21st century America. Government by thuggery. Christie insists he is not a bully. Ha, ok Governor, whatever you say. No, you sir, are a thug. However, you are in good company. President Obama and his minions are thugs. Hillary Clinton is a thug. A thug is a government official who peddles favors and goodies to those who help them, and intimidates and punishes those who don’t.

There is nothing new about “government by thuggery”. Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, even sainted Franklin Delano Roosevelt were all well versed in the art, although historians back then called it “hardball politics”. It’s just a feeling I have, but I think we passed from political hardball to outright thuggery sometime ago.

It’s nothing now for a government official to close traffic lanes just to screw with the constituents represented by a political opponent. Ha-ha-ha, isn’t that funny? Those poor dumb bastards all now have to sit in traffic for 2 more hours a day. Ha-ha-ha, I made them do that. Serves them right, maybe their Mayor will learn a lesson, don’t mess with Chris Christie.

obama and christieOf course, you have the King of Thuggery, President Obama. He who orders his personal Gestapo, the IRS, to audit and intimidate any group exercising their Constitutional rights to oppose him politically. Or, who thinks nothing of manipulating the citizens to score cheap political points. The Republicans won’t pass a budget? I’ll show them. Put barriers around all the national monuments. Yes, all of them, even those which are outside and unguarded. The government’s closed! I’ll make sure it hurts. Sorry your vacation plans just changed, but now you know how much you need the government. Thuggery.

These thugs always deny any knowledge of their thug actions. No, I never told them to do that! No, I didn’t know about that! No, never, never. Bullshit. These thugs put their minions in place, and they make darned sure they know what is expected of them: reward our friends, punish our enemies, trample on the citizens if it helps us.

Hopefully, this will end Christie’s Presidential ambitions, but it probably won’t. Well, if Americans are stupid enough to elect him President, we will get the thug government we deserve. It will just be a continuation of the Obama thug government, so we should be used to it. To rip off the Who, “meet the new Thug. Same as the old Thug.”

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  • March 30, 2014 at 6:14 pm

    I am so proud of you!!!!
    My husband want’s me to start a blog; however, I do not believe I could top your view.
    I do wonder why everyone is so interested in this bridge when Reid is using campaing funds to buy his Grand Daughters jewlery?? I thought that was against the law. HA-What law in Obama, Holder Land…

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