Details About May 26, 2014 Traffic Deaths

highway memorialTwo weeks ago, I put up a post regarding the highway deaths on May 26, 2014. I wanted to get a closer look at the details of accidents and deaths on our roads, which happens in great numbers, every day. I gathered this information from the NHTSA databases, and the Internet. Here are some more details on the fatal accidents from May 26, 2014.

Some specific cases
The first to die on May 26, 2014, at 8 minutes past midnight, was an unknown 42 year old man, who was a passenger in a Jeep Cherokee in rural Georgia. He had a Blood-Alcohol Concentration (BAC) of .36. To refresh your memory, .08 is legally drunk. His buddy, who was driving, had a BAC of .20. The driver had a revoked license, as well as 2 previous DUIs. The Jeep flipped, the unknown 42 year old was ejected, and killed.

All got all of that from the FARS database. I looked and looked for this one on the Internet, and I couldn’t find it, which I found astonishing. What happened to the driver? He survived the accident, so he definitely should have been arrested, tried, and convicted. Furthermore, and I found this even more shocking, these two powerdrinkers had a 12 year old boy with them in the backseat of the Jeep. Somehow, none of this made news.

The last to die on May 26, 2014, at 5 minutes to midnight, was another unknown, a 38 year old American Indian woman pedestrian, who was hit on an interstate highway in New Mexico. She had a .28 BAC. There was no information on the vehicle which hit her, which likely means it was a hit and run. This was another article on which I could find nothing. No obituary, no articles on the accident, nothing.

The oldest to die was an 89 year old man in Pennsylvania. He was a World War II vet who stormed the beaches at Normandy. He hit a telephone pole.

The youngest to die was just short of her 2nd birthday. She wandered into traffic in Chicago, and was hit by a city bus.

The most to die in one accident was 4. A man, driving a big SUV, was going too fast on a rainy highway in Texas. He lost control, crossed the median, and slammed into oncoming traffic. He killed his in-laws who were in the back seat, and he killed two more people in the oncoming car he hit.

The longest prison sentence handed out from a fatal accident was 16 years. A powerdrinking idiot, with a BAC of .20, hopped into his giant pickup truck in the center of a town in Washington State. The bars were closing. He revved it up, peeled out, lost control, and ran onto the sidewalk, hitting numerous pedestrians. He tried to back up and escape, hitting more pedestrians in the process. One of the pedestrians jumped on the running board and punched him in the face through the open window, until he turned off the engine. One of the pedestrians he ran over was killed. The judge, to his credit, sentenced him to the maximum sentence allowed by law.

The 2nd longest was only 4 years. A woman had a BAC of .21. She weaved all over the interstate in Florida. She sideswiped another car, and sent it flipping. A woman in the other vehicle was killed. The drunk was not immediately arrested, as the police first needed to conduct their investigation, which took several months. In the meantime, after the first fatal drunken wreck, she demonstrated her remorse by getting stopped again for DUI. This time, she blew a .282. Soon thereafter, she was arrested for the first, fatal accident. The judge sentenced her to all of 4 years in jail. I am not sure why killing someone in a drunk accident is worth 16 years in Washington, but only 4 years in Florida.

3 teenagers riding in a car in New Jersey were killed when their friend drove the car they were riding in head-on into a city bus. Social media speculates the girl driving was playing a game where she would swerve into oncoming traffic before swerving back into her own lane. The government has charged her with 3 counts of vehicular homicide. This case is still pending, 2 years later.

The fastest speed estimated in a fatal accident was 111 mph, driven by a 20 year old girl in Missouri.

The 2nd fastest was 101 mph, driven by 48 year old powerdrinker in Louisiana, who rolled his pickup truck in the middle of the night, with a BAC of .21.

An elderly couple in North Carolina drove their pickup off the road and down into a heavily wooded ravine. They were not found until 2 days later.

An active duty sergeant in the Army survived overseas deployment. He did not survive driving his motorcycle drunk, however.

A man in Wisconsin was killed when his car hit a deer.

A man in South Carolina was killed when his motorcycle hit a turkey.

Final Thought
Driving is a potentially dangerous activity, and requires attention and care at all times. Don’t become a statistic!

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