DOT Scraps Plans to Consider Preventability in CSA

This comes to us from The FMCSA has halted efforts to consider the preventability of accidents in their CSA system. What does this mean, and why does it matter to you? This is the answer to a question I am asked over and over and over again. Eric: I have two accidents on my CSA record that aren’t my fault, how do I get them off of there? Answer: you can’t!!!! It cannot be done.

The way the CSA system works is that they gather up all the roadside inspections and all the accidents by everyone who has a DOT number, put them in a big computer, crunch them all up, and whoever has the most accidents, and the worst inspections, gets the highest CSA scores. That is an oversimplification, of course, but mostly that’s correct. Unfortunately, there are so many accidents, DOT does not have the manpower to read and investigate every accident to determine whether it was your fault or not. So, they simply count them all, regardless of whose fault it was.

If they actually come in to your office to do an audit, they will take into account the preventability of your accidents in determining your official safety rating. The safety rating is the one which is Satisfactory, Conditional, or Unsatisfactory. However, your CSA score will stay the same. Your non-preventable accidents will stay on your CSA record.

‘But wait a minute!’, you say. ‘I have two accidents on my record where a car ran into the back of my truck! I want them off there!’ Tough. ‘But what about due process in the CSA system? My insurance carrier and shippers see these accidents on there, and they don’t like it.’ Did you say due process and CSA in the same sentence? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I mean, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh damn, man, that’s funny. You only get due process on TV.

According to the article in, the FMCSA recognizes this is a problem, but simply does not have the manpower, or the interest in fixing it. So, if you have a bunch of non-preventable accidents on your record, sorry about your luck.

2 thoughts on “DOT Scraps Plans to Consider Preventability in CSA

  • October 16, 2016 at 11:48 pm

    Hello my question is how long does a preventable accident stay on your csa score or record.

  • October 27, 2016 at 9:31 am

    Sorry for the tardy reply. I’ve been buried in paying work. If you are a motor carrier, it says on there for 2 years. If you are a driver, it says on there for 3 years.

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