More On the 70 Hour Rule Change

Here is a link to an article in Transport Topics, which is the American Trucking Association’s newspaper. Apparently, they are advising their members to begin using the new rules immediately upon the President’s signature, which will happen either today or tomorrow.

As they say in the article, there may be some “minor disruptions” at scalehouses initially, but if that happens, you should contact the head of whatever State Police, or Highway Patrol which has detained your truck. As of this moment, there is still radio silence from FMCSA on this issue. They have not acknowledged that they lost, nor have they indicated when their rulemaking acknowledging the rule change will be issued. As I detailed in my previous post, the head of CVSA, Steve Keppler, indicated that the State Polices and Highway Patrols will continue to use the suspended rules until FMCSA issues a rulemaking. My personal opinion is they will not. They will stop enforcing the 1am – 5am, and 168 provisions immediately. This is my opinion, I could be wrong. As we speak, internal directives are being issued to all enforcement personnel. I highly doubt you will have widespread enforcement of the suspended rules once Obama suspends them today or tomorrow. As ATA says, there may be “minor disruptions”.

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