More Positive Driver Information

Did I mention you have to shut down a positive driver immediately? It seems like I just said that, but I recently ran into another instance where this has happened. When one of your drivers flunks a random test, you must immediately find him after being notified by the MRO of the failure. It doesn’t matter if he’s across town, or across the country, you must make that driver park the truck. You can’t let him drive back to yard, you need to take all practical steps to relieve that driver from duty.

When an audit takes place, you can’t hide the positive test, either. DOT will go to your MRO, and get a list of all test results in the past 12-18 months. They will investigate all positives which took place on a random test. They will determine the exact time the MRO notified you of the positive test. If the driver drove beyond that time, you are liable for a penalty of several thousands of dollars.

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