Politics and the FMCSA

Much of what FMCSA does anymore all revolves around politics. The present leadership of FMCSA has determined the best way to decrease accidents is to regulate the industry is tightly as possible, and then regulate it some more. They have not been successful in reducing accidents, but since regulation is the only tool in their toolbox, as the GEICO people would say, it’s what they do.

One of my customers was speculating about how the November elections will affect FMCSA’s behavior. He was enthusiastic as he believes that once Obama is gone, FMCSA will loosen its grip on the industry. I’m not so sure.

The betting markets right now believe Hillary Clinton has around a 75% chance of winning. Believe it or not, but I think there is a small chance that you may get slightly more sensible leadership out of a Clinton Administration, than the current bunch running FMCSA. I do not think Hillary Clinton wants to simply take over Obama’s government. Make no mistake, she’ll make changes. The good news is, she can be bought. If the industry can come up with her ransom, they might get some breathing room.

If Donald Trump wins? Trump has never been a fan of small business. My guess is, you’ll get more of the same from a Trump Administration.

Someone asks me the other day what happened to my Manifesto? To refresh your memory, I was working on a Manifesto for a More Sensible FMCSA, to be sent to all contending Presidential candidates. I think I got as far as:

1) Fire half of the FMCSA staff, which will be possible once the ELDs are fully implemented.
2) Eliminate non-preventable accidents in any rating considerations.
3) Establish due process in any rating process.
4) Put the hours of service rules back to the 2003 rules, ie, permanently eliminate the 30 minute break, and any changes to the 70 hour rule.

Considering our two choices are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, I decided to save my effort. We have managed to nominate two truly terrible people, who will be terrible Presidents. Hooray! USA! USA! USA!

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