I think I put a post about the “Ask Eric” part of this blog at some point in the past, but I will do it again. Somewhere there must be a way you can post questions on this website, because when you do, apparently I get them emailed to me for approval. I must then go into the site, approve the question, and then answer it. I freely admit, I do not answer these questions as frequently as I would like. Often I am busy with other matters. Plus, remember, I am basically answering the questions for free.

Nevertheless, I am going to try in the future to answer these questions. I understand how frustrating it is when you are trying to get the right answer, and have nowhere to turn. There is very little point in calling the government. Your chances of getting someone who either 1) has the time to talk to you, and 2) cares enough to give you an answer are not good. I guess that’s why people turn to google and end up with me.

A few points on getting your questions answered more quickly by me. One, the shorter, the better. If you are asking a 5 point question, which basically translates into “please discuss at length all of the regulations to which I am subject”…. that’s going to get skipped. That regulation book is hundreds of pages long. I can discuss at length the book, but not for free, and not in 50 words. Two, ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ are always appreciated. Three, if you have a complex question, offering to pay for my time is always a way to get my attention.

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