Trucker Charged in July, 2006 Harrisburg Crash

Trucker Charged in July, 2006 Harrisburg Crash 

In July, 2006, a tractor-trailer came upon stopped traffic on Route 581 in Camp Hill, PA.  He was unable to stop, crashed into the traffic ahead on a bridge.  The truck pushed a 1996 Lincoln about 100 feet, and then launched it over the 3 foot high side of the bridge.  The car fell 30 feet to the street below, landing on the roof.  The driver of the car was declared dead at the scene. 



The truck driver has finally been charged with homicide by vehicle, among other charges.  An inspection of the truck found it had defective rear brakes.  A total of six Out of Service defects were discovered.  The lesson here is that if you’re a truck driver, your truck must be in proper operating condition at all times.  My guess is that the defective brakes were not the primary cause of the accident.  The driver was probably driving way too fast, came upon the stopped traffic, and too late!  Crunch.  However, the fact that his truck was in an obvious state of disrepair was no doubt a prime factor in charging him with vehicular homicide.  If you are driving junk around, even if it’s not yours, and you’ve told your boss umpteen times to get it fixed…….. you’re still responsible.  Just like this truck driver.

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