Two Christie Aides Sentenced to Jail in Bridgegate

Three years ago, I posted an article about ‘Bridgegate’. This was the scheme in New Jersey, where aides of Governor Chris Christie outrageously closed a number of local access lanes to the George Washington Bridge, in order to intentionally cause massive traffic jams specifically for the residents of Fort Lee, NJ. It was done to punish the Mayor of Fort Lee, who did not endorse Christie’s gubernatorial re-election campaign.

Two mid-level Christie aides have now been sentenced to prison for conspiracy, fraud, and related charges. Bill Baroni, former Deputy Executive Director of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (Port Authority), was sentenced to 24 months. Bridget Anne Kelly, former Deputy Chief of Staff to Chris Christie, was sentenced to 18 months. David Wildstein, another Christie representative at the Port Authority, was the Federal prosecutor’s key witness. He also was convicted, and is awaiting sentencing.

I am surprised there was some level of justice done. I have reached a point of cynicism where I am always surprised when justice is done, however limited. In this case, the big fish somewhat got away. All three of the convicted aides testified Christie knew all about the scheme. Nevertheless, Bridgegate probably helped sink Christie’s presidential run, and probably has helped reduce his role in the Trump Administration.

I celebrate the convictions of these three government thugs, although all of them are still free on bail or appeal.

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