Two West Virginia Drivers Sue Trucking Companies

coal-truckTwo drivers filed suit in the State of West Virginia this week over alleged improper firings which took place in January, 2009. The drivers allege that they were identifying defects on their post trip inspection reports, and the two motor carriers, Mate Creek Trucking, and Titan Transport, did not fix the defects. They also allege that the motor carriers fired the drivers, because of their complaints regarding the condition of the trucks.

The DOT regulations require drivers to complete a written post-trip inspection report at the conclusion of each day’s work. The motor carrier must make repairs on items which affect the safety of the truck. Many drivers either 1) don’t fill out the report, or 2) do fill it out, but list no violations, regardless of the condition of the truck. If you are in management, you must be reviewing these reports, to make sure there are not any defects identified on the report. If there are, you must address them, either by fixing the truck, or determining the defect doesn’t exist, or will not affect the safe operation of the vehicle.

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